flooring market is still widespread

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    • flooring market is still widespread

      With the improvement of people's living standards, wood flooring is increasingly becoming the modern home interior decoration of the main selection. However, the current situation in Shenzhen wood pressure treated resin wall panels flooring market, what is it?
      From the gossip to Tianbei, from Nanshan to Baoan, Xiasha to days from the digital city, almost all over the Shenzhen City, large and small flooring market, is not difficult to find, the Shenzhen plastic decking prices china suppliers flooring market is still widespread dealer fraud consumer behavior.
      Although the relevant management departments repeated orders to "integrity management", but in the economic interests of the trend, "fraud" often more than "honesty" is nothing more than an oral declaration only. Is the last year, the Holy Land as a "firm against the five bad board," the integrity of propaganda caused widespread concern in the industry best lawn wood floor ideas.