the flooring business

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    • the flooring business

      ting from bottom to top, more in line with the theory of Chinese medicine health warm head and cooler, more conducive to good health! Only warm your feet, will not faint your head. This year's home market, this alone last year, a self-heating flooring products began to rise up, in addition to the first to enter the market, the warm lantern Warm-core self-heating floor, March sunshine, Zhuo Shen speed flooring and other products also entered this year Sichuan market, the rapid spread of point-oriented consumers. March sunshine from the hot floor of the new trend of warm home marketing person in charge of Ms. Dan introduced in March Sunshine under the Shanghai Kuike Group, which owns Shanghai Kui Ke Light Aircraft Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kuike Electrical Co., Ltd., and Shanghai
      Kuike Wood Limited the company. The company's R & D team from the aircraft wing heating deicing structure inspired, after 3 years of research and development, extension of the experiment to create a March sun self-heating floor. Heating principle is similar to the heating film implanted into the floor. Ms. Dan said that the market since a number of self-heating flooring is to strengthen the wood flooring material, and March sunshine floor with high-grade high-quality solid wood substrate, can show consumer taste and luxury. Structure, in March the use of multi-layer solid wood criss-cross structure, balance the wood mechanics, making the deformation is not stable after heating. Ms. Dan said that since the hot floor products will certainly have an impact on the traditional floor heating pro
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      However, in general, this is a good thing, after all, more competitors, companies will strive to innovation in the floor, to meet consumer demand, in order to produce better floor, the market. Double reverse of the outcome, also told us that the establishment of international brands is not overnight, not the export of flooring products, their business can be regarded as an international brand. Consolidate the domestic flooring market, doing fine fine, steady, and then map to enter the foreign market, is the best policy.November 10, 2010, the US Department of Commerce issued a notice, decided to originate in China's multi-storey wood flooring anti-dumping and countervailing investigations. According to the US Department of Commerce statistics, in recent years, the United States since China's imports of wood flooring increased year by year. From 2007 to 2009, the United States from China imports of wood flooring t
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