Decorative materials

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    • Decorative materials

      Natural, out of urban tired of all kinds of pollution, people require natural materials to return to nature. Green, the use of natural materials,WPC floor use specifications or recyclable artificial materials; from the perspective of fire, the use of less radioactive,WPC outdoor wall panels toxic gas materials, and after the fire to produce toxic gases material.
      As the most commonly used kind of decoration materials, wood has been the best choice for interior decoration since ancient times because of its natural features,PVC Flooring Cleaning And Maintenance beautiful texture, sound insulation, temperature regulation and humidity control, and easy processing. In the construction, decoration materials, wood has other materials do not have the ecological performance, occupies an irreplaceable important position, known as intelligent biological materials. First, wood, timber is a natural biological resources, interior decoration is mainly used in flooring, solid wood furniture.The Basic of Building Your Fence 1, the floor: the current market sales of wood flooring mainly teak, oak, catalpa wood, Ash, birch and other wood species.
      Teak natural beauty of the texture, excellent performance, is the production of fine wood flooring material, the price is higher; oak wood is superior to the physical properties of ash,laminate wpc flooring wood flooring is the superior material; Ash clear texture, decoration The effect is good, the price is moderate; Birch of the indicators are not the above materials, but the price is low. 2, solid wood furniture: the main use of rosewood, rosewood, ebony, mahogany, Ash, oak.High Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider 3, the other: the wood can also do solid wood doors, decorative wood line, veneer materials and high-grade wall decoration materials.