compared the corresponding period

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    • compared the corresponding period

      the price go low to basically result from the price of deal and fir drifts, north Africa (outside dividing Egypt) the market growth with middle east is quite slow, and the price is compared the corresponding period was reduced about last year 10% . In addition, what withdraw the pound exchange flooring for patio outside rate that Europe causes as a result of England is low confuse the uncertainty that invests foreground with England, whole European Union all has the fall of distinct range to lumber exit of England, finland is right outdoor plastic patio flooring options of England curiuming wooden product is exported is to steep fall more 20% .
      Opposite, of Asian market increase the loss that offsetted market of etc of Finnish home market steadily. Finland grows nearly 15% to Japanese exit, and the price is compared do it yourself playground border last year all price rises 2% ; China is Finnish and current the greatest deal imports a country. Regard Finnish Asia as the biggest market, china is the main entrance country of Finnish deal.
      Investment of trade of profit from Finland and travel promote total arrange to be in what rising market carries out the whole world to be aimed at Finnish wood " beautiful wpc decking embossed floor Yu Lin of Finnish wood ∙ " the country popularizes a project, finnish wood is in the world in recent years each growth be obvious to all of rising market.