Wood Deck and Composite Decking in South Florida

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    • Wood Deck and Composite Decking in South Florida

      Longlife composite decking's stain resistance, anti-slip properties, lower heat absorption rate that wood, hidden screws, no splinters and cooler to the touch than wood means that it is incredibly child friendly. Around the hot tub or swimming pool, the resistance to mould, insects and fungi (as well as it's anti-slip properties) makes it a perfect alternative to timber alternatives. Longlife is a hard-wearing option for marina wharfs where it is a more durable alternative to wood, with minimal slime or fungi build up and no unsightly rotting. It also has a higher resistance to salt water and has a lower water absorption rate than wood, as well as anti-slip properties that makes for a safer environment for water based activities. Composite decking is also ideal for commercial use with its low maintenance properties. Whilst initial installation can be slightly more expensive than conventional wood, after a short time, due to its low maintenance requirements, this alternative becomes the cheaper option.boat plastic deck board
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