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    • Training industry

      Training industry level new thinking from the tile industry brand dilemma training industry level new thinking from the tile industry brand predicament to see yesterday did not want to tomorrow tiles Synthetic Outdoor Deck price war never subsided, playing in full swing, be in full swing. The price is the tiles into the market of lubricants, did not expect to be some of the enterprises as a life-saving grass. Price war is the next best way to survive, this year 11 is a good example, many businesses once hit 4 fold, no sales performance improvement.
      In fact, as durable goods industry tiles, the price is not a major factor affecting consumption. Love fire do not want to fire the tile industry part of the enterprise level is low, the pattern of small, state of shallow, and some companies do not know what is marketing strategy. Many enterprises like Laoniu car, only know that hard work, but do not hardwood floor vs composite floor price know the look up the road to find resources to do planning, to prepare.
      Enterprises lack of systematic planning, are temporary racking our brains. In fact, this seems to be the right strategy, but ignores the scientific basis and implementation details, often just paper on the battlefield, but also to achieve the goal of a large number of enterprises, Not knowing how to achieve these objectives, environment, opportunities, manpower, strategy and other factors is very important, even if the internal double wood plastic doors product no matter how good, missed the sales opportunity, set the wrong sales object, or use the wrong sales method .