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      furniture materials, and the wall material to do a very good combination, so give people a sense of transformation, there is a sense of hierarchy.How to drag the wooden floor shiny! Now there are a lot of research and development for the wooden floor of the cleaning agent can be used directly to clean the floor, do not have to wash, not only can make the original wooden floor to maintain the original texture and natural colors, but also prevent the floor dry, and no odor after use , There is no sticky feeling. When cleaning the
      wooden floor, first use the mop to remove the dust on the wood floor surface, and then in accordance with the ratio of cleaning agents and the floor of the dirt level, diluted in a bucket of water, and the wet mop from the inside of the room to the door The direction of mopping the floor. However, we should pay attention to wring the wring as far as possible to prevent excessive moisture penetration into the wood floor layer, causing moldy, rotten. If you encounter floor slits or corners and other difficult to clean up the place,
      you can use the old toothbrush directly touch the floor cleaner scrub, you can also clean the detergent on the wipe the ground. However, some floor cleaning agents in the surfactant concentration is higher, after dragging the ground, the semi-wet ground but more easily contaminated with dust. Therefore, the best choice for high-quality floor cleaning products. If you want to keep the wood floor long shiny bright, in the use of floor cleaning agent, you can also layer on the floor of wood wax. But be sure to wait for the floor completely dry
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