addition, also can hang piece

    • addition, also can hang piece

      kitchen. Low noise and strong fume removal function to reflect each other, to create a complete panoramic smokeless kitchen ". Meida integrated environmental stove new products, no doubt will be linked to the Chinese environmental logo aura. This is a kind of proof marks, it served as the official logo is shown to use the sign of the product not only quality, but also meets the requirement of environmental protection in the production, use and disposal process, compared with similar products, has low toxicity and
      less harm, resource conservation, environmental advantages. China environmental labeling in the certification methods, procedures and so on in accordance with the principles and procedures set out in the ISO14020 series of standards, and has been in Germany, South Korea, Japan and Australia signed the environmental labelHome appliances is the most critical safety, quality and price is the most concerned about consumers. So, what brand of kitchen electrical quality is good, the price is reasonable? In this
      small house to introduce you true good wife kitchen appliances. Company profile Zhongshan Tianrun Ruifeng electrical Ltd. is a modern enterprise engaged in production and sales of household appliances and kitchen appliances, the scale of the enterprise covers an area of 30 mu, building area of 26000 square meters, professional production workshop 4, high standard production line 9, high standard testing equipment 30 Taiwan, and the company is equipped with an independent country class R & D center,
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