used for floor heating

    • used for floor heating

      In fact, according to the expert committee of China timber distribution association wooden floor zhi-hua gao easy fit plastic outdoor decking uk , there are 55% can not be used in heating system, this 25% can be used for floor heating, but the effect is not ideal, only 20% are dedicated floor heating how to fit a composite front floor floor .
      Remind consumers, therefore, for some misleading statement to pay special attention to: such as thickening wood floor "more thick the foot feels better", "the more thick, the heat preservation," dedicated geothermal with foam pad, aluminum foil on the back of the outdoor patio flooring idea , on the packing printed with "dedicated" greenhouse is geothermal floor, etc.
      But no sense of these arguments, they will only affect the ground heat dissipation. Geothermal how to choose and buy the floor due to the particularity of geothermal heating, the requirement of the pictures of swimming pools decks install is very strict, therefore, geothermic floor in addition to meet the routine quality indicators at the same time,