complementary relationship

    • complementary relationship

      The relationship between the floor business and real estate has always been a complementary relationship, once the real estate market downturn, flooring business market is in a state of recession. In the market Synthetic Outdoor Deck environment changes today, the flooring industry in order to achieve a breakthrough in the progress of reform and innovation must be, only enterprises to be innovative.
      the most important thing is to implement the product innovation up in a new round of engineered wood flooring outdoors information revolution, through technological innovation And continuously improve the technical content of flooring products, expand the scope of business services to improve the quality of service enterprises to promote the flooring industry's continuous development and progress.
      In the development of the floor for nearly three decades on the market, companies want to walk in the forefront of the industry must continue to develop new, with a development composite decking price comparison relative costs perspective to look at the problem, at the same time, strengthen their own innovative awareness, with innovative thinking to practice Of the work guide, is the key to the flooring business to win the market.composite decking 24 foot