pineapple grid solid wood floor

    • pineapple grid solid wood floor

      The end of March this year, the State Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice on the solid wood flooring from April 1 at 5% tax levy consumption tax, the purpose is to suppress the demand for solid wood flooring to protect forest resources. The increase in global forest product consumption over the past decade has spurred more illegal logging and forest destruction.
      At the same time, due to natural growth of timber by the restrictions, solid wood flooring has gradually become a luxury. From the current floor market, the average price of solid wood flooring about 230 yuan / square meter, from the beginning of last year to the present average increase of 35% -100%. For example, last year pineapple grid solid wood floor is 125 yuan / square meter, this year has risen to 250 yuan / square meter.
      At the same time the glaze wood from 290 yuan / square meter rose to 680 yuan / square meter. From this trend, solid wood flooring will be more expensive. Solid wood flooring is so precious, then the choice of solid wood flooring consumers will not have "guilt" mean? As long as you choose "legal flooring", it will not.
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