cost of annatto furniture

    • cost of annatto furniture

      Blow (after finishing, the sand paper that still needs the number that use order to differ undertakes (arenaceous, ability makes furniture feels exquisite character. This among them, expend many timber again. Finish big lacquer, make good annatto furniture completely, still need to undertake the 20 iteration that arrive 25 wooden pallet fences greece days finally dry in the shade, ability faces consumer, this is met again a few water divide purify, loss weight.
      Accordingly, a ton of lumber, its effective utilization rate is only 31% , lower even. Accordingly, in annatto resource increasingly in short supply instantly, annatto manufacturer and pvc decks dallas texas consumer more Ying Ximu is like gold. And the customer that is about to buy annatto furniture, the price that also does not use annatto raw material goes calculating price difference with the price of permanent outdoor deck wood flooring annatto furniture.
      Do not say the making cost of annatto furniture, design cost, carriage cost, say stuff only inevitably loss, how has not the price of annatto raw material also compared annatto furniture price. build wood railing for concrete steps "The factory building of 6000 much square metre that builds this year already complete, the company will invest 10 million yuan to go up newly product line of plywood of wood of a bamboo, at present busy move purchases equipment,