Some flooring brands have disappeared

    • Some flooring brands have disappeared

      To celebrate the 2006 final dinner - brand home improvement exposition. Weiguang launched the floor wring dry water price, anti-profiteer frenzy, and other two major series of activities, the real discounts to the vast number of consumers. Among them, the floor market four water sources: numerous entry fees, design fees? "To rare" is the reason for high prices? Flooring process lead to increased costs?
      "Style, characteristics" can determine the value? Weiguang floor from the four major questions to build the integrity of the floor; anti-profiteering frenzy to the factory direct prices hit. Won a lot of consumers. Note: During the Fair: Weiguang floor audience seventy percent off, free installation - (excluding excipients, specials, except) on-site signing were also given a special solid wood floor mop, a bottle of special wax into the end of 2006,
      Some flooring brands have disappeared from the market one after another, an alarmist argument popular in the industry - "next year will be many floor brand death!" November 29, Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. sponsored the National Marketing Seminar , The China National Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Committee Secretary-General Lv Bin, China Timber Circulation Association, said Gao Zhihua,
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