finnish lumber market

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    • finnish lumber market

      After increasing log to export custom duty first in July 2007, 25% what Russia government after this is raising log to export custom duty to come ceaselessly all the time. New log exports custom make flower bed from decking duty policy to ever caused the problem that occurrence raw material of Finnish lumber industry is in short supply, finland begins homeland to increase the scale of production of raw material to already got used to industrial demand. Russia joined World Trade Organization in August 2012,
      russia government is forced to reduce export custom duty,pools with composite deck surround if fir and deal are reduced respectively,come 13% with 15% , but this did not make Russia exit has big growth to Finnish log amount. But the development that reachs industry of burgeoning biology energy as privacy fence panels for sale the wave motion of international money exchange rate in recent years, the paddle material of Russia and lumber of the sources of energy begin to warm up afresh again to Finnish exit.
      As summer vacation time long holiday ends gradually, finnish lumber market begins to answer in the a week August lukewarm. Whole forestry estate purchases a week in all on lumber 274000, no need clean plastic wood floor a week before comparing grows 100000, relatively the corresponding period grew 60000 last year.