the floor is very good

    • the floor is very good

      the hotel told miss gu, this batch of wood material is not good outdoor deck from plastic , please choose other brands. Miss gu suspicious from heart, let the father to "privately". Father brought back news is, the floor is very good, now you can get goods, but the price is 170 yuan per square meter.
      Miss gu came to the counter with the theory, but the boss said to miss gu plainly: "we are already going up in price, the floor at the price to sell you lost too much hollow plastic fencing uk . I'd rather buy a compensate, pay you 400 yuan, the contract even if invalid."Observant citizens may find that it's very wet this two days at home.
      Meteorological experts said, the situation is called a "radiation fog" brought about by the heavy fog, citizens should pay attention to moistureproof household non skid dock boards . Our province in the north after the cold wet weather process in 22, 23, the rise of temperature,