material produces wpc flooring

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    • material produces wpc flooring

      Physical adsorption occurs mainly in the abundance of microporous activated carbon and used to remove impurities in the air and water, the impurities of molecular diameter must be less than the aperture of activated carbon.Different raw materials and processing technology of activated carbon microporous structure, specific surface area and pore size, suitable for different needs.Not only contains carbon, activated carbon and containing functional groups on the surface, and the adsorption material produces chemical reaction,

      thus and is often occur on the surface of activated carbon adsorption material.The impurity in the medium by physical adsorption and chemical adsorption into the porous structure of activated carbon, saturate the activated carbon adsorption, adsorption effect.After saturated adsorption of activated carbon to activate regeneration,

      restore its adsorption ability, repeated use.Evaluation of active carbon adsorption performance indicators are mainly methylene blue value, iodine value and caramel adsorption value, the greater the adsorption capacity and adsorption effect is better.Second, activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter in purifying water plays a huge role.Through purification of the activated carbon filter, in dirty water sicken hundreds of organic matter,
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