UV degradation

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    • UV degradation

      Silicone resin has good heat resistance, weatherability, light retention, resistance to paint powder and resistance to UV degradation, just for the modification of acrylic resin. Silicone-modified silicone Attractive Wood Plastic Composite Supplier resins are ethoxylated (or methoxy) silane low molecular polymers, such as organic functional groups containing organic silicon low molecular weight polymers.
      with hydroxyl-containing acrylate The resin is subjected to a thermal polycondensation reaction by a solvent method Steel With Wood Balcony Singapore to prepare a silicone-modified acrylic resin, and the modified resin is effective as a base material for reflecting the solar paint. Absorb solar paint. According to experts, Australia has a scientist named Milchece, developed a successful absorption of solar energy can be a paint.
      The first layer of the coating is made of silicon oxide anti-sunlight reflective layer, the sunlight on the coating Polyethylene Wood Plastic Composite Flower Pot only absorb non-reflective, to prevent the loss of heat. The second layer is the absorption of sunshine heat of the cermet layer. The third layer is a good thermal conductivity of the metal layer. The total thickness of the Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust three layers of only 100 nm, after experiment, this new coating can receive 98% of sunlight into heat, and heat energy into the total energy efficiency of more than 20%.