wood with the tree section

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    • wood with the tree section

      colors of the floor, so the color of the floor, more thicker retro feeling. Modernism of the floor of the classical refusal to the clear and modern lines to express the modern elements of fashion, with warm colors, to maintain gorgeous, simple at the same time, without losing their own practicality. The average family can use moderate color, with brown, red, khaki and other colors, and the floor is not much color. Modern style floor texture is clear, the pattern is complete, and the wood with the tree section effect has a small amount of
      reservations, such as the most classic simple fine geometric patterns. Gray floor can also decorate the natural fresh style, gray green walls and bedding, with white furniture, decorated with tender green decorative painting and flower arrangement. Floor low-key light gray just right out of the room to bring the natural and fresh, elegant and not high-profile, like the spring garden. In recent years, energy-saving emission reduction is gradually becoming the consensus of all walks of life. Affected by this, a variety of green materials
      began to come into being. To the construction industry, for example, to represent the new plastic materials are gradually recognized by the market, facing a good opportunity for development. Data show that the main application areas of plastic is plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plastic flooring and so on. As the building plastic with light, cheap and so on, in the building has been widely used. According to statistics, the annual consumption of plastics accounted for about 14% of the total plastic production, ranking first in the
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