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    • new solid wood

      New solid wood hot core floor debut "Winter warm new solid wood hot core floor to achieve today's achievements, relying on its own strong product technology and brand competitiveness." Flooring business to address of wpc Supplier in pp long-term development, the product must first quality assurance. Product quality is the fundamental survival of enterprises, is the driving force behind the development of enterprises, once the enterprise product quality can not be high quality and stability, then the enterprise is diy deck railing table like from the source of life, will quickly go to defeat.
      The wood industry to ensure that the production line of the normal operation of each link, and in each winter warm sun hot core floor factory before the strict testing free online fence estimator to ensure product quality rate.
      Only rely on good quality may be able to win the consumer's reputation, but it can not long-term occupation of the market, only through technological innovation continue to launch a viable product, in order to continuously inject vitality into the enterprise. Just as Cai is talking about corporate brand building, "the brand's support point is whether there is innovation, whether it has a unique Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust product and service. Floor brand is the case, innovation on the development of the flooring business more and more important, Innovation determines the brand 's competitiveness.

      According to composite gates and fences st helens the floor structure, solid wood flooring can be divided into two kinds, one is three layers of solid wood flooring, the type of floor as a sandwich biscuits, from the panel
      substrate, floor, three layers of wood together; Plywood as About WPC Products Qatar the substrate of the solid wood composite floor, usually from 6-9 layer of sheet together, also known as "multi-layer solid wood composite floor." These two kinds of solid wood flooring floor reproduction of the composition must be used to glue the glue, and glue is the main source of formaldehyde in the floor. While the soybean gum, although drawn from natural soybeans, but which still contains formaldehyde. The production of solid wood flooring and must use glue. It has become a dead cycle, no matter how business people justify, to wear a variety Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trustof formaldehyde hat, but also only a pretext for business promotion only.

      New parquet flooring using different types of wood color and texture of the different, splicing out of eco plastic decking material manufacturers UAE the changing shape and pattern, so as to achieve a different decorative effect.
      The process of parquet flooring is very complex, and some complex patterns need more than 20 kinds of different flooring materials for splicing Caixing, complex craft also achievements of the new parquet balcony ecofriendly pavers flooring unique quality and luxury to enjoy, by the consumer's praise The The new parquet flooring installation is the use of point-like suspension technology, can easily solve the traditional solid wood flooring installation Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust process of the shortcomings, easy to get your home floor installation.