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    • decorative blue and white

      restaurant will consider the size of the murals. And in the choice of the wall as a mural, but also pay attention to the direction of the. General consideration should be given to the overall effect and the main orientation of the restaurant. 3, the restaurant murals color to bright restaurant decoration effect the success of the key will affect people's appetite, general restaurant color to be concise, no complicated feeling too much, give people a fresh and comfortable feeling. The mural color and the color table, dining chair
      with each other. Position two restaurant, restaurant 1, should pay attention to Feng Shui restaurant located in the living room and kitchen, in the residential center. This arrangement can improve the parent-child relationship. The restaurant located on the right below avoid the floor of the toilet, because the restaurant good luck will be suppressed. 2. The energy part of a restaurant's interior is derived from a meal. Because the restaurant is a place to eat, it has a lot to do with the family's wealth. The restaurant should
      be bright and bright lighting decoration, in order to increase the fire for energy accumulation, yang. Here can enhance the Yang and wealth of plants. 3, the pattern of the restaurant on the Feng Shui perspective, the restaurant and other rooms, like the restaurant pattern to be founder, can not have a corner or protruding corner. Rectangular or square pattern is the best and easiest to decorate. This restaurant, the restaurant should be 4 range in the residential center, but not straight to the front door or back door. There
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