different color and tree species

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    • different color and tree species

      This small space as a simple dining area, green iron dining chair to make space more fresh and natural. Floor style partial retro, deliberately do the old effect to meet the overall indoor style. Clear grain texture with fresh indoor tones, indoor space is more fresh and natural, suitable for summer home dress.Wonderful flooring parquet with a different color and tree species of veneer splicing, presented in wood or specific or abstract patterns, very decorative sense of the parquet flooring to become the mainstream of the wood flooring
      market, relying on colorful colors, crafted Technology, personalized fashion design, quietly changed the floor had left the dull, indifferent impression. Crisset stitching way to make this parquet flooring more intuitive, small floor color changes in the natural changes. Wood floor texture clear and bright, the overall paving the final show a bright and clean sense of space. The color of the floor is made from the vertical and horizontal layout, made of a variety of colors of wood stitching, the overall color is relatively shallow. Suitable for
      Japanese-style pastoral owners. Because it is to strengthen the composite floor, wear resistance is good, easy to care, do not worry about light and easy dirty. Floor color natural, with a lot of outdoor flooring look close to the appearance of color as if the imprint of the time is impressive. Natural texture of the collision, bring you completely uncomfortable feeling. Staggered superimposed stitching way so that the original color of the floor can not be a romantic interpretation of the personalized home space. The overall color of the
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