floor more expensive

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    • floor more expensive

      Complete product series make shengda has full series products in the first floor. At the start of spring, shengda import and export company has signed with Russia, the United States and other countries clients totaled more than 240 square meters of laminate flooring, bamboo orders of real wood floor, go abroad for shengda floor, a world famous brand to lay a solid foundation.
      In the building materials market, floor of wood of type is mainly divided into three categories: real wood floor, aggrandizement is compound floor and real wood is compound floor, there are also some non-mainstream floor such as cork floor, bamboo floor and so on.
      Different types of wood floor on the material, production process and application environment have very big difference, price level is different also. Real wood floor more expensive is the application of the first floor of real wood floor, also is the floor of a high grade product.
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