magic of the bathroom tile

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    • magic of the bathroom tile

      design. The hand-painted pattern on the tile looks like a frame is like a window, the space is re-divided, extended, so that line of sight and thoughts have been able to expand. With matte white tiles and polished white tiles can be used together. I want to see: the main wall of the living room wall wallpaper wall protagonist bedside study wall protagonist shelf details of the beautiful waist can be described as the smallest part of the bathroom space occupied area, and in the past, the waist has been horizontal. However, according to
      popular information, relative to the horizontal line, the vertical line on the line more smooth, and more material savings. Elegant, durable, but also has a cultural taste or modern vertical line, is the best choice. I want to see: living room wall protagonist wallpaper bedroom wall protagonist bedside study wall wall protagonist shelf ?? storytelling tiles art tiles originated in Italy, design masters through the unique sharp life insights, brilliant cultural accumulation , Bring the magic of the bathroom tile interpretation. Cartoon, fashionable,
      beautiful, master of the flexible lines, bright colors, full of inspiration fresh picture, so that each tile can become a collection of tiles. Flowing in the form of design is not a good design, feeling can be moving. This kind of art is so strong that tiles with story colors can bring people into a particular emotional atmosphere. From the ground to the wall using the same tile paving way, so that the whole space looks more coherent, can produce a very unique decorative effect, especially for larger, higher roof space. Is it necessary to follow the tradition
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      protagonist shelves posted their own style hand-painted tiles is not only the brand to provide a fixed pattern style, you can also their favorite portrait, landscape photos, World paintings, or their own hand-painted pictures, by the manufacturers ordered, although the price will be more expensive and to wait for a period of time, but can have their own products, or worth it. Small pieces of tiles have a higher degree of freedom in collage. A pattern of bright tiles alone looks very beautiful, but covered with a wall, then often dazzled.
      To white for the end, flower bricks for the decoration, collage a variety of graphics methods, to avoid this chaotic phenomenon. I want to see: the living room wall lead wallpaper wallpaper bedroom protagonist bedside study wall wall protagonist shelves to create a three-dimensional sense of space structure relatively simple bathroom, may wish to use a special pattern of tiles as a decorative means. The use of striped tiles to emphasize the shower space, not only bring a strong visual effects, scattered arrangement of the way to
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      a popular paving way. How to pave the way: brush the wall is about to decorate the wallpaper, so that the background with the wallpaper uniform. And then paste the wallpaper, the decorative effect of the pattern more sudden. Stylist recommended: the color of accessories as much as possible with the wallpaper background unity, constitute a complete space effect. I want to see: bathroom wall protagonist tiles bedroom wall protagonist bedside study wall protagonist shelf popular classical ancient patterns, the use of popular colors
      with re-interpretation, so that the classic shape to reproduce a new image. How to shop: wallpaper and curtains continue the same pattern, can create outstanding visual effects. Stylist advice: pay attention to the traditional decorative details in the furniture and jewelry applications, such as tassels and buttons. Bright and bright colors, so that accessories more dynamic. I want to see: bathroom wall protagonist tiles bedroom wall protagonist bedside study wall protagonist shelf exaggerated flower exaggerated flower pattern, often
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