more diligent in the dust wpc floor

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    • more diligent in the dust wpc floor

      more diligent in the dust wpc floor
      1 all kinds of floors are often required to remove dust usually with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, often trampled to be more diligent in the dust. Pay particular attention to the hallway and the walkway leading to the outside. In addition, in order to prevent dust into the house, can be placed at the entrance of the dust pad, or at the bottom of the door to add dust. 2 dry than wet well use a mop to clean the floor, twist mop dry and then use better, too wet mops, in the use of water will penetrate the joint damage caused by deformation of floor, tilt the floor, especially wood flooring, plastic flooring, cork floor tiles.
      choose the right skin care products to choose water for floor wax, a wax product used only once, if the use of different product mix will cross react wax, make the floor sticky dirty. 4 the amount of wax products to the right amount if the coating will be too thick dust will be easier to stick on the floor, more difficult to polish the floor. 5 move carefully if you want to move the furniture, it is recommended to lift the way to avoid dragging, so as not to scratch the floor; in order to further protect your floor, furniture can be installed at the bottom of the cloth or gasket. The above content is on the floor of the road maintenance house Xiaobian introduce you,
      hope to be able to help you floor maintenance, such as the need for more floor maintenance knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.The rainy season, is a low temperature and warm and humid weather, so that the air can be screwed out of the water. The floor is home to the hardest hit wet, easy to damp weather prone to moldy deformation. In the face of this wet "return to the South", many housewives will be wet and troubled home floor. I hope to find a practical moisture coup,
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