made up of four main parts wpc floor

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    • made up of four main parts wpc floor

      <p>A process for the production of bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring with bamboo age more than 5 years of bamboo as raw material, after cutting, punching, planing, boiling and bleaching or carbonization, drying, finishing, screening, gluing re pressing, cutting head, test plate separation, trimming, trimming, remove for mortise short, sanding, tenoning, painting into more than and 20 processes.</p>
      <p>bamboo flooring is made up of four main parts, the top three is two aluminum oxide wear-resisting layer, mainly from the protection of bamboo surface effect; the second layer is a bamboo floor surface, the original bamboo pressing, retain the original bamboo texture; third layer substrate layer with bamboo or wood broken made high pressure,</p>
      <p>low carbon and environmental protection; the lowest level for the back balance layer, can effectively prevent the floor deformation and avoid corrosion of cement tide. Two, classification &nbsp; bamboo floor surface structure can be divided into the diameter of the bamboo floor, side pressure chord surface bamboo floor, flat pressure and the reorganization of the bamboo floor of the three categories. According to the processing method of bamboo floor can be divided into natural bamboo flooring and carbonized bamboo flooring.</p>
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