Mahogany furniture sales chaos like a clash of local fake storms

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    • Mahogany furniture sales chaos like a clash of local fake storms

      Since 2008, Dongyang mahogany furniture industry has developed rapidly, the number of enterprises has increased rapidly, the quality of masterpiece has been emerging, the brand influence has been improved rapidly. The advantages of industrial agglomeration development have become increasingly obvious. Dongyang has been widely recognized as the main market of mahogany furniture. Mahogany furniture industry's reputation and reputation to be further improved. In recent years,lifetime 6 ft. folding picnic table in order to further regulate the development of Dongyang mahogany furniture industry, Dongyang City Economic and Trade Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau and other departments on the red wood enterprise brand promotion, safety supervision, market rectification and so do a lot of work. This year, a total of 186 mahogany furniture enterprises, on file 5, through the 12315 platform to accept consumer complaints 68, to restore the economic losses of 650,000 yuan.
      For the emergence of the "cabbage price", "jump property prices" and other bad sales behavior, Dongyang municipal government attaches great importance to instruct the relevant departments to take action, Dongyang City Market Supervision Bureau, Dongyang City Bureau of Communications,inexpensive dining room table and chairs Dongyang Hongwood Furniture Association Reaction to carry out remediation, Dongyang mahogany furniture for the name. "This is half a month, did not receive a new report." Yesterday, Dongyang City Market Authority Deputy Secretary Lu Wenxian said, "can be said that our crackdown action has achieved initial results."
      In order to deter bad business, the next step, Dongyang City Market Supervision Bureau will introduce mahogany furniture centralized remediation program, in September and October this year to carry out centralized remediation action, severely investigated and dealt with undocumented,most popular beach folding chairs doping adulteration, Skin and other illegal production and management behavior, and promote healthy and orderly development of the industry.
      In the "Internet +" era, Dongyang mahogany furniture industry also attaches great importance to the construction of the network market platform. It is reported that there are mainly east for the cloud project and wood carving city e-commerce platform. Last year in June, by the Dongyang mahogany furniture market development of multi-dimensional Dongyun officially on the line, opened up the Dongyang mahogany furniture industry raw materials, custom design, display sales, packaging, logistics, after-sales, maintenance and other links,sofa made in china opened O2O's new marketing Road, to create a physical market and the online market with each other. As of the end of May, has been in Haikou, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places set up for the cloud experience museum, Zhengzhou, Hubei, Anhui and other places will also be opened. At the same time, the establishment of "East for furniture brand supplier alliance", the development of the East for the cloud supply system. Up to now, with more than 110 suppliers signed a cooperation agreement.