the solid wood floor unilateral homology

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    • the solid wood floor unilateral homology

      the basic to maintain the natural pattern of logs, feet comfortable, safe to use. As the different tree species, solid wood flooring prices will appear relatively large differences,generally between 200 to 400 yuan / square meters, your nearly thousand dollars. From the market trend, the price of solid wood flooring due to the lack of raw materials and continue to rise.
      Solid wood flooring shortcomings are easy to deformation, installation is complex, difficult to care. In contrast, the solid wood flooring by the different types of plate staggered laminated,thus overcoming the solid wood floor unilateral homology shortcomings, dry shrinkage expansion rate is small, with good dimensional stability,
      and retain the solid wood flooring Of the natural grain and comfortable foot feeling, and a substantial increase in cost, suitable for attention to the face of the economy and focus on the family.economic choice to strengthen the wood flooring: durable and easy to maintain cost-effective high-strength wood flooring is a high-density fiberboard,
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