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      At the beginning of this year, heart Er future buys Suzhou with 50.93 million yuan 100 triumphant intelligence live in limited company the equity of 48% , exert oneself rolls out large household and intelligence to change the strategic position that upgrade, live in at present board piece had had heart Er floor to mix 100 triumphant chest two old brands.
      Point out inside course of study, current, because custom-built furniture is OK basis room door spend a body to have something made to order with consumer demand, have on dimension and style more rich alternative, more and more be valued by consumer. The integral increasing ratio of domestic floor market is at present inferior, some category are already saturated, even little scope glides.
      Arrive from floor transition custom-built furniture domain, ru Jiyong of president of heart Er future is being accepted when interviewing, express, the produces end and floor board production of custom-built furniture system differs completely. What wooden floor does is the business of B2C, what make surely is the business of C2B.
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      In first phase of project of chest of hare darling whole, 2 period on base of production of product line full load, 3 period product line already finished equipment to purchase, installation, formal already also put into production. Walk into chest workshop, it is numerical control operator is in at the same time attentive debug Germany to import line of bold and generous equipment, a stuff that has wardrobe, stop makings work; Across is operator is having finished product the sealing side of chest board.
      At the back of the workshop, hit contractor to be in in an orderly way has all eligible panel installing wrap and delivering goods. Hare darling chest has 2 dimension yard on every panel, sweep a code to be able to understand this series situation that approves goods, include name of order order, product, agency full name, time issueing sheet, this also is informatization technology in the workshop manage gain. The adjustment through nearly two years and upgrade, company advocate the transition that Mu Yechu pace realizes course of study to serve industry to the brand by manufacturing industry, enter high speed to send exhibition period.
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