can determine the composite deck

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    • can determine the composite deck

      and the volume of the floor length should be increased by at least 20cm (i.e. not less than two complete pattern). General quality goods can only have a first-class, and the number of unqualified products section of each volume is less than 2; each grade length not less than 6m, qualified for every length not less than 4m. 3, look at the quality of plastic flooring leather appearance quality, should be in scattered sunlight or fluorescent lamp, light intensity for (100, 20) LX, LM samples from the inspection,
      oblique visual inspection. First of all, to observe the surface of the floor leather crack, fracture and delamination phenomenon, if it can determine the floor leather unqualified. The second step, observe whether the crease marks, bubbles and pollution pattern deformation phenomenon, not observed for the excellent products and first-class goods; a very slight but not obvious as qualified. The third step,
      observe the floor leather surface has no stencil pattern, there is no defect surface transparent wear-resistant layer, are not as excellent products and first-class goods, small stencil or lack of film for qualified products, or is not qualified. Finally, carefully check the surface of multicolor overprint without bias, different parts have no color difference, excellent product is not more than two uniform defects,
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