easy to spread out the composite deck

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    • easy to spread out the composite deck

      please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. The floor because of its reasonable price, a variety of advantages, popular with consumers, but because the floor itself contains a lead compound, if the use of improper maintenance, with the increase of the degree of wear, the lead content is easy to spread out the formation of lead dust in the air, affect human health. Here we look at how to properly use the maintenance of floor leather.

      plastic floor leather has the characteristics of nonflammable and self extinguishing, but at high temperature, it will decompose harmful gases and inhale too much, which is suffocating. It is best not to use it in the kitchen. 2, do not use acetone, cyclohexanone, concentrated lye and other organic solvents scrub, to prevent surface color fading, degumming, cracking or warping, and can be cleaned with detergent or detergent.

      weekdays with half dry mop to clean up, so as to avoid dirty water from the seam in infiltration, destruction of bond. 4, to keep the floor clean, no sand, dust, rubbing the surface of the floor. 5, pay attention to the solid material such as metal and sharp spikes scratch or wear floor surface. 6, in order to prevent frequent exposure to sunlight and local fading, it is best to put on the curtains, so that direct light into diffuse light, to help extend the floor life.
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