Floor decoration, wood flooring

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    • Floor decoration, wood flooring

      the ground. Then we began to deploy putty, the general use of two kinds of putty, one is a blood putty, a gypsum putty. When ready, we can use putty to scrape the ground, and so on the ground dry, we have to do is to grind the ground to grind, after this process, in order to paint the floor paint. The paint floor paint, we must keep in mind that some of the details, pay attention to your hand strength, it will
      affect the amount of paint, we must ensure the uniform paint brush, do not think that is good, but it is not the floor paint more, is more prone to wrinkle phenomenon. In order to uniform paint, we will generally be divided into 2-3 times to paint, which can not only ensure the uniform distribution of floor paint, but also allows the floor paint with the ground contact better. When we finished painting, we need
      to do the last step, it is coated with wax, which is what many people call the "Polish", after this step, we'll look at the floor, a fresh take on an altogether new aspect, natural feeling arise spontaneously. Of course, such a home beauty is that we need to pay a lot of energy and time to successfully complete. Cement floor paint brushing method, small temporary is here to share, I hope to help you, if you want to
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