the production process or rely on manual work

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    • the production process or rely on manual work

      the understanding of hope, can have a better choose! What is a parquet parquet flooring is a kind of solid wood flooring, which is composed of the same species of many pieces of wood into a mosaic in accordance with the law. Parquet originated in the Baroque period, the rich nobles and then use different colors and types in the residential and the palace natural veneer stitching, thereby forming a pattern
      with complex things can be used to decorate wall and ground. In mid 90s, parquet floors and wood floors together into China, with the complex patterns, or abstract or representational decorative flooring and fine craft together to attract people at the same time, because of its high cost and difficult to really come into the common people's home. Classification: from the structure can be divided into three layers
      of solid wood parquet flooring, parquet flooring and composite parquet flooring and multi-layer solid wood parquet several. From the process of surface points, a curve (parquet parquet flooring, parquet straight line laser) (sawing, parquet) mosaic parquet flooring, parquet flooring and parquet flooring portfolio mix several. Two, 1, the shortcomings of parquet parquet flooring by laser is the floor open, again
      diy wood dance floor in portable sections
      laminate flooring in plastic
      pvc fence and wood douglas fir floor decking