proportion into the washing machine composite floor

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    • proportion into the washing machine composite floor

      with 100 pad pad with washing machine polishing. Wax surface is not bright, stains can be polished, the surface that is bright, such as new. If repeated polishing 5-10 times, polishing is not bright, indicating that the floor without wax, you need to re waxing. Polishing makes the floor more luminous. PVC daily maintenance: use floor waxing agent solution with electrostatic dust sprinkler can push bottom in the dust,
      dry dust to push (Note: electrostatic dust dry cleaning agent function damage on the wax surface). Floor wax stains on the surface, with a neutral universal detergent with water, at 1:10 ratio of mopping the surface cutting, water can not be dragged wax surface. When the floor wax is not bright, dust and stains can be polished, or bright, as new. In fact, the daily maintenance and use of water cleaning mop can keep bright. How to wax wax the floor? 1, a wax 4-6, about 12-18 months after the wax 1 times;
      strong wax from the water with hot water 50 degrees Celsius, 1 to 5 ratio of sprinkling wax surface, after 15-25 minutes, with wiping machine with red wax pad for the wax, then with the vacuum suction machine dry, neutral and all-purpose cleaner water injection 1:35 wiping machine water tank for washing, dry and dry after waxing. 3, it is best to choose this weather when good PVC floor waxing, can dry quickly. It's easy to maintain. A page from PVC plastic floor of the whole process and after the maintenance,
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