porcelain, so as to avoid the uneven heating

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    • porcelain, so as to avoid the uneven heating

      temperature should not exceed 45 degrees, if more than this temperature, will affect the service life of the floor and the use of the cycle. General families, winter temperatures reached about 22 degrees Celsius, it has been very comfortable, and normal warming, it will not affect the use of geothermal floor. Three, close the geothermal system, pay attention to gradually cool as the season progresses, when the weather is warm, no need of heating indoor
      geothermal system, we should close the geothermal system also needs a process, floor cooling process should be gradual, do not drop, if the cooling rate is too fast, it will affect the the service life of the floor. Four, the room is too dry, can consider wet dry climate in winter, plus the use of geothermal heating, the floor is at high temperatures, easy to dry, then the owner is necessary for humidification, lest floor cracking deformation. Decoration attention when not in
      ground drilling, hit nails, avoid to cause leakage of geothermal pipeline, geothermal system running water, floor water waste. In addition, as the surface of the floor is a cooling surface, the floor as far as possible do not make fixed decoration or put furniture without legs, it is also not appropriate to build the platform, so as not to affect the flow of hot air, resulting in poor room heating effect. Because the floor surface temperature is relatively high, the use of
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      brittle and the phenomenon of paint explosion. Ten times accurate film treatment to ensure durability. Surface fog surface Matt anti-skid treatment, elegant and easy to walk, safe and comfortable touch. Most of the wood composite floors are made of super wear-resistant roll paint and super abrasion paint (also known as piano paint). The paint used in geothermal power is better by roller coating, and its good toughness and elasticity can prevent the floor from
      going too far. Floor heating floor is a common floor decoration, it is green, long-term resistance to high temperature, no crack, no degumming, moisture resistance, no deformation, popular with the majority of consumers. Although the performance of water heating floor superior, but in the process of use also need to pay attention to maintenance, can use life long, the following and small make up together to see the floor heating maintenance skills. First, heating
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      humidity, if the outdoor humidity is less than indoor humidity, you can open doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity. In the hot and humid weather, you can open the air conditioner or electric fan. Autumn and winter festival in order to increase indoor air humidity, can be used to increase the indoor air humidity humidifier in 50%-70%. Special stains cleaning method is: grease, paint, printing ink can be
      used special stains to wipe oil: if it is blood, fruit juice, wine, beer and other stains can use wet cloth or cloth dipped in detergent with point on the amount of cleaning is not available; strong acid liquid to clean the floor. The maintenance method of three layer solid wood flooring, Xiaobian temporarily introduced here, I hope to help you, if you want to know more three parquet knowledge, please continue to pay
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