electrostatic floor installation composite floor

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    • electrostatic floor installation composite floor

      After reading the sports floor Xiaobian to share with you the installation of Raiders, Xiaobian you already know how to install the floor exercise! If you want to know more knowledge of sports flooring, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. Floor decoration can be rich and varied,

      and now many friends attach great importance to floor decoration, in which the electrostatic floor is a kind of anti-static floor, usually used in office space. So how to install static floor installation? What are the steps? Let me see below. Electrostatic floor installation needs to follow the steps of first, friends must be checked for flatness of the ground when installing electrostatic floor,

      but also must get to see if the vertical degree of ground and wall surface can meet the requirement of time. The debris on the ground should also be cleaned to make sure there is no debris on the ground. Secondly, to ensure better electrostatic floor installation must pull the horizontal line, this is the method of many professional construction personnel will use the line can help friends who quickly measured the length and width, it can be reduced to a greater degree of skew floor cutting conditions. Third, when installed to adjust the floor position,
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