gradually add color colours until composite decking

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    • gradually add color colours until composite decking

      <p>Shellac putty (by weight ratio:% calculated) old powder 75%, shellac liquid 24.2%, 0.8% pigments. Paint should be colored according to its depth. The proportion of putty color should be slightly lighter than the sample color. With the razor patch block hole, hole, crack, must block patching putty should be slightly higher than the plane as the drying shrinkage of sand cushion. &nbsp; &nbsp; 3. (mixing paint brushing process opaque) first embedded reinforcing filler (oily oily putty) with phenolic varnishes (cooked tung oil), </p>
      <p>gypsum, pigment, water mixing. Usually the first in total gypsum varnish into a paste, add a small amount of water in the further thoroughly, then gradually add color colours until the meet the requirements so far, the local oil putty patching and comprehensive scraping patching two construction methods, sand must be completely dry before proceeding. &nbsp; &nbsp; conclusion: the above is a small house series introduced wood floor paint construction process, we hope to help. More decoration materials,</p>
      <p>please continue to read the house decoration raiders. Anti-static floor, also known as dissipative electrostatic floor, can eliminate static troubles, popular with the majority of consumers. At present, the static floor on the market is not standard, a lot of fake and shoddy products, </p>
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