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    • passes finally

      Everybody may notice, the bill that passes finally was not birch cent two grade product, however one knife is cut, the diameter 15 centimeter above, all birch of a meter of above label length entirely national strategy resource, prohibit exporting. Also look from this reach Russia government is intention this really already deck board overlays temperatures definitely! Zunxiajiaoye is built went up the chapter of Russia premier general office.
      Since birch ban since promulgating, the author reachs Leningrad city from Sanket each big plywood manufacturer, forestry bureau, forestry centre advocate, and forestry haven dock all 16mm plywood sheet deck sale spain obtains an information marine even company everywhere, reaction is strong.
      The plywood plant such as а of з of С в е and UPM purchases birch to depreciate, reduce an amount, forestry centre advocate people reduce birch fall in succession,stop receive birch, patio deck material and prices in malaysia CMA CGM, MAERSK, the log of the ship company such as COSCO decides box to measure also suffer a disastrous decline. At the same time the plywood manufacturer of Baltic Shikoku also reacts intense.

      The formaldehyde of of all kinds and different product that in considering to parse new proposed law, 2. sets releases set limit to standard and executive deadline, science adjusts export wholesale white woods fence line of the products and manufacturing plan, pay close attention to the follow-up step that other country may take closely at the same time.
      3.Promotion business innovates independently establish ability, carry high yield to taste additional cost, strengthen those who export compound wood to have brand construction oneself at the same time. advantages of high adaptability to climate wood wall paneling 4. extends channel of domestic and international sale actively, develop new international market, reduce the risk that excessive concentration brings the market, communicate in time with foreign client, make clear bilateral responsibility through contract provision, avoid to cause a loss.

      perhaps this all sorts of speed cannot last, but already appeared than stocks downtrend, return to groovy stocks slowly, this is the most advantageous to trafficker prop up,repairing buckled wood deck but the market wave motion that comes than nearly two years is right the blow of lumber boss, the heart is broken already, true classics does not have any a sign of disturbance or trouble.
      Result, new Year beginning, the processing factory reachs trafficker, capital pressure decreases, lumber rises in price consciousness is intense; Small gain pattern cannot long, balcony outdoor flooring manufacturers by force of cost pressure, structure ability plant and compositive material manufacturer first one pace raises price, rise in price with Shandong timber plant especially consciousness is intense, lead countrywide quote to rise, subsequently trafficker follow closely rises in price, but photograph comparing, trafficker state of mind is weaker, terrifying, prop up continuously not strong.

      Too storehouse check of harbor lumber prices: The Pan Wenfeng outside material of Russia of hurricane of SPF plank price, boreal Europe material and move,Too harbor and inventory of circumjacent sealer for mahogany wear layer decking plank storehouse express the storehouse (sailing date of 2-3 Canada, United States is expressed) fervent give heat, cordial acknowledgment offers sister of each manager of data, brother, this period board stock makes an appointment with 720 thousand stere, SPF is close 280 thousand. pontoon plastic decking flooring 2.16 total shipment exceed 20 thousand cubic metre.
      This year since reopen after a cessation of business, too storehouse general of SPF plank price goes up, walk along goods to be given priority to with makings of 4 class mouth and advanced course plank, low level plank is shown slightly low fan; Outside dish respect, show a bit except 3 old brands missish, the others offers all timber with plastic blend fencing the way hurricane,

      Build business of pattern plate bibcock: Put forth effort of industry of timber of brilliant of Guangxi Xin constant makes new surveyor's pole of course of study of countrywide person of outdoor composite stairs non slip the same trade,On Feburary 16, inc. of industry of timber of brilliant of Guangxi Xin constant produces a ministry around the company this year " tone structure, enlarge is produced can, maintain quality " main task, held 2017 first all administrator arouses harmonious meeting.
      The conference listens to the summary that produces factory director Chen Jiachun to make a speech above all, factory director Chen summarized the manufacturing work 2016 seriously,price of wood wall cladding arrive from the dot face, by in analysed the problem such as the central issue that produces existence at present, heat, difficulty outwards, communicated at present the company grows new target, raise 3 requirements: It is transition of tone structure hurried,

      Controller of Dalian harbor group introduces, build entrance lumber to trade the center conduces to hardwood of broad leaf of get through North America importing content to shed bottleneck,best composite tongue and groove floor brazil promote Dalian log and wood commerce the volume. Conduce to Dalian port quarantine handling those who serve platform to found at the same time, drive Dalian to overlook development of harbor lumber industry.
      Laos lumber treatment carries exit general by whole journey monitoring,Last week 5, governmental official and relevant people talked to be versed in trade department supplies the decision that gold coast cheapest decking fimland handles control and monitoring regulation about lumber. As we have learned, this decision basically is to be aimed at lumber supplier and treatment business between supply chain.