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    • Krypton Repository

      Seemed that a lot of stuff got bugged due mostly to changes within a couple common modules that didn't get updated when things happened. So before I found out where the problem really lied, I ended up just making a new repository for my addons that'll be updated for Krypton. I don't know if this will include video / image addons just yet, but we'll see.

      Seems a lot has happened while I've been away. Legal happenings and groups / people vanishing. Well I'll say that I'll definitely miss those like Eldorado, Shani, Twizted and certain others. Things happen and we must move on at times like this I guess.... I myself had my mother pass away, along with other relatives that passed away and some hospital visits and injuries for family and relatives and people I've known over this past year. Things have gone to hell and haven't stopped yet.

      With pc problems, tons of hard drive problems and loosing my latest mIRC files... it took me quite a while before I got around to finally finishing fixing things up for mirc and github installs.

      I'm back on mIRC now, also got a discord I might eventually start inviting some common people to. I'll still be with #The_Projects. With so much having changed, I'll mainly be updating the new "repository.2017.thehighway" addon repository, that I've just started.

      With this new repository, I've included some common modules. There's a krypton hot-fix update for both t0mm0's and eldorado's common script modules. This should allow a lot of addons to function again that use them. some simple changes had caused them to stop working in krypton. I included eldorado's 2 editions in the t0mm0 update as well. I find myself missing the old default Confusion skin in Kodi Krypton a LOT, but I'm trying to get used to the new skin's looks and feels. I might eventually do a few of my old adjustments to a fork of it so we can have some mouse cursor options at least if not more things like # of addons in lists and color schemes. But that might be a while yet. For audio / radio addons I've added ramfmradio and thefunkstation addons to the repository so far. for these I actually had started adjusting to in the repository names so they'd be updated for krypton while leaving the old ones for older versions of kodi/xbmc. Not sure i'll keep doing this for others or not now that I know the issues lied mostly in the common modules.

      Anyways that's my June/July returning news.

      So... good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and if I don't see ya, good night.
    • Also note that besides the end_of_directory and add_item changes, there's also some changes I haven't looked into yet for set_view methods that keeps directory listings from printing to screen. I'm not sure if this is involved with xbmcplugin.addSortMethod(handle, method) function, or with any number of the xbmcplugin.SORT_METHOD_TITLE type of commands. Anyways some addons will need this adjusted for for sake of Kodi 17 Krypton.