three layers of wood composition

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    • three layers of wood composition

      glue --- urea resin or phenolic resin Hot glue made, and then processed into the floor. As the name implies, the three-layer solid wood composite floor is divided by three layers of wood composition, the surface of the use of high-quality rare hardwood
      specifications slats inlaid puzzle, the center layer of the substrate using soft raw materials, Hardwood. Three layers of sheet metal through the synthetic resin paste made of hot, and then processed into the floor. Solid wood flooring According to experts,
      not easy to deformation. The price is more expensive, generally in 200 yuan / square meters above.Third, strengthen the wood floor - high wear resistance It is also a three-layer repression, the surface is a wear-resistant material containing melamine resin
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      an ultra-solid wood market storm is poised to go.To create a very comfortable visual space floor color to coordinate the decorative role of the floor more and more prominent. In the pursuit of personalized, diversified decorative effect, strengthen the wood flooring with bright colors, clear texture,
      bright luster and other advantages. However, the overall coordination of the choice of the floor is very important, because the floor and walls are large area, so their choice of color will determine the tone of the entire home environment. Reasonable use of floor color, lines with, can create a very comfortable visual space.
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