The warmth of the wooden floor to the elderly to create a warm old age

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    • The warmth of the wooden floor to the elderly to create a warm old age

      On the older age, due to age, the body of the function is also slowly aging, therefore, inexpensive way to refresh deck flooringin the elderly room decoration, not only to consider the overall style of home improvement and cooperation, more importantly, consider it Practicality. At present, China's market in the sale of flooring types are solid wood flooring, composite wood flooring, cork flooring and PVC plastic flooring.
      philippines board supplier / manufacturerSolid wood flooring is made of wood after drying, processing, it is particularly comfortable to use, and has the characteristics of Dongnuanxialiang, is a lot of bedroom floor decoration of the main material. However, the use of solid wood flooring on the use of the environment is very high, ship deck material in the philippines if the environment is too wet, it will let the wood swells; if long-term exposure to sunlight, it will lead to dry and even the floor will be Alice. This situation is not suitable for the elderly room,provide deck wpc it is easy to produce security risks.
      Wooden flooring is the most popular ground decoration materials, it is the wood after crushing, adding a variety of other substances and then pressed by high temperature and pressure. This treatment of wood flooring what is the best composite wooden deck in 2017?after the high strength, and solid wood flooring compared to the moth is also better. At the same time, it is compared with the solid wood flooring, waterproof anti-corrosion, for the elderly do not release formaldehyde and other harmful substances.
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