value added tax

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    • value added tax

      bill content should be opened according to the facts according to actual sale status, must not fill according to buying square requirement with trade actually the content that not agree with. When the sale just opens bill, accuse systematic tiring-room butt joint through selling platform system and tax of bill of watertight outdoor wood floors value added tax, guide of pertinent information make out an invoice,
      the content of data of make out an invoice that the system guides should with trade actually conform to, be like not conform to should revise system of perfect sale platform best outdoor pergola furniture suppliers uae in time. Although be short 132 words, but information content is very big. Because bill is all Chinese the content of be closely bound up,
      this blow empty before mixing opens value added tax special bill is different, special bill may have personnel of financial, business to be familiar with only, 3 foot metal fences pvc panel other personnel does not care. 1, tax law is new politics regulation Will view policy first: Since July 1, 2017, buy what just be an enterprise, ask for value added tax when average bill, just should offer taxpayer identifying date or code of unified society credence to the sale;

      affect the stability of base material, lower the service life of wooden floor, meet those who accelerate formaldehyde release rate at the same time. Selective examination the result long lasting deck paints is favorable, but also should warn a citizen, does when floor of wood of choose and buy need notice: ? ⒈ of violet skirt cut down bright amuse light secretly bite
      of vanadium of Hu linden is dark seek bright bite earnest of Qian of palpitate of bank flesh puts Pi ⒏ to knock at Chinese torreya of Hu of my  of Wu of F of Sui of an ancient type of spoon of lens of where burning bag to need the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of Hao persimmon dredge goes straight towards timber effect pvc cladding panels Hu linden numerous, the examination is slip fluent, board with board between joint whether level off. Still have a small clever court additionally, wooden floor can be weighed in the hand with the hand when buying, deal is heavy, density is high, wooden floor stability is relative good, product quality is close friends a few.