flooring these integrated composite decking

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    • flooring these integrated composite decking

      the material has better stability and damp heat resistance and wear resistance than to endure, we work together to understand in detail the geothermal floor to buy three. A material, better stability to heat the floor used in complex environment, especially in the northern region, non heating season ground subjected to a variety of moisture, and the heating surface temperature will rise suddenly, the floor will bear the "temperature" and "humidity" double change.

      Therefore, the geothermal floor must buy materials, good stability, such as laminate flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring these integrated composite floor. But the market is popular pure solid wood, geothermal resistant locking floor can also maintain good stability in complex geothermal environment. Two, moisture resistance, heat resistance, integrated composite floor to use adhesives,

      adhesives need to comply with environmental protection, bonding strength, high temperature, high humidity, aging of these three indicators. Especially for geothermal floor, it is necessary to pass high humidity, low temperature and other experiments, if the use of ordinary adhesives, environmental indicators, moisture resistance, aging resistance, expansion rate and so on are not up to standard. Therefore, consumers in shopping, check the product reports, inspection reports is very necessary.
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