Features of aluminum-plastic composite pipe

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    • Features of aluminum-plastic composite pipe

      Aluminum-plastic composite pipe from the middle layer of vertical welding aluminum tube, inner and outer polyethylene and aluminum tube and inside and outside the polyolefin layer between the hot melt adhesive co-extruded. The composite pipe has the following characteristics and advantages: Inner and outer polyethylene is non-polar polymer, corrosion resistance, light weight, high Anti Temperature Composite Decking Cost Calculator mechanical strength, good heat resistance (1100C), low embrittlement temperature, wide temperature range, long lasting. And PVC pipe phase Lh, the tube does not contain plasticizers, etc., will not mold and breed bacteria.
      The inner layer of polyethylene is often smooth, the tube resistance is small, easy to scale, so that the effective diameter of the tube than the same diameter of the metal tube. Does not contain day care center outdoor playing area harmful groups, in line with FDA standards, can be used for drinking water, the fluid will not pollute.
      As the middle layer to the vertical superposition of ultrasonic welding of aluminum alloy tube, excellent barrier gas permeability, and good pressure resistance, about 3-6MPa. Compared with the metal pipe, heat insulation and good, save energy G at the same time the tube can be any molding, and a flame retardant, shielding anti-static power. Easy construction, flexible bending, can be equipped with metal pipe fittings, no hinge how to increase the height of a fence screw mouth teeth, easy maintenance and replacement.