heat resistance composite decking

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    • heat resistance composite decking

      maintenance and replacement compared with convection heating. Geothermal floor to buy key points 1, geothermal floor thickness determine heat radiation, geothermal floor thickness is more appropriate, we first need to understand the working principle of geothermal floor. Geothermal heat is transferred to the ground floor by floor, this process must have the heat loss, the ideal is the loss to a minimum,
      how to reduce the loss, namely "thick thin election", pure solid wood flooring, parquet, bamboo flooring, flooring, floor thickness not exceeding 8 mm, the maximum not exceeding 10 mm. 2, the floor heat resistance is better, geothermal floor to withstand high temperature test, if it is compound type of floor, adhesive, in addition to consider the bite strength, environmental protection performance should pay attention to. Floor formaldehyde at high temperatures,
      the volatilization rate is several times the low temperature. Therefore, consumers in the geothermal floor shopping, check the product reports, inspection reports is very necessary. 3, geothermal floor, back grooving, geothermal floor purchase, there is a key, that is, the floor of the back of the groove. The back of the floor is slotted longitudinally, and the air layer is formed at the slot at the back of the floor to reduce the heat conduction effect to a certain extent. The hollow structure forms an air layer between the ground surface and the floor surface to reduce heat conduction,
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