material; Huai wood, sapwood yellow white

    • material; Huai wood, sapwood yellow white

      wooden door color should be close to the furniture color, there is the whole house space, because the wooden door belongs to the facade of the room, functional ornaments, the color of the wooden door and furniture color are closely related, and the correlation is relatively big. Wooden door color and furniture color belong to a color system, so as to achieve the best decorative effect. 4, to be consistent with
      the wooden doors, bedroom style wall and floor is best to keep the same color, but the color is best not to do exactly the same, the details of some of the differences in direction, prevent the ground with metope confusing, abate bedroom space. 5, wooden doors and the ground color coordination, wooden door color and ground color to maintain the same color. Prevent the ground with the wall confusion,
      weakening the sense of living room. Large, or sunny room, you can choose Dark Walnut door. If you don't know what to do, choose white wooden doors. White is the least error color.     conclusion: the above is play for which introduce the wooden material, wood color selection, we hope to help. More windows knowledge, welcome to continue reading house decoration raiders.What is the
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