wood flooring market

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    • wood flooring market

      therefore an upward trend. Industry stakeholders said in an interview, the overall rise in the national timber prices, Jiangmen also inevitably continue to rise in the pattern.Euroopan puutarha muovinen laatoitus kylpyhuoneisiin Especially now the decoration season, the supply of wood raw materials and market demand between the contradictions will be more prominent, and some dealers even the goods can not be set, the price increase will be more obvious.composite wood bench replacement slats According to the door of the floor of the floor store Miss Xie introduced, compared with the first half of this year, Jiangmen market sales of the main solid wood flooring brand prices rose about 8-20%, and many manufacturers of products
      are in short supply, money may not take Arrival, such as the public prefer rosewood, the first half of the price is 230-240 yuan per square meter, now will have 260-270 yuan;Puumuovikomposiitti Koreassa Myanmar teak price is 280-290 yuan per square meter, and now rose to the 330-340 yuan per square meter, or close to 20%, and the purchase is not easy. Some precious trees of solid wood flooring, raw materials, the purchase price has risen by 30-80%,wood deck waterproofing sales prices also followed up, unless the customer has been scheduled, or simply can not purchase. Therefore, some powerful dealers will be in the off-season more stock, reserve more supply to deal with the strong
      demand for decoration season;composite front door what is a composite wood door smart consumers choose some affordable alternatives, such as imitation solid wood flooring, composite wood flooring. Solid wood building materials prices also rose Reporters found that the market price of solid wood building materials also showed gains, mainly due to the impact of wood raw materials, solid wood doors, solid wood cabinets and other related products prices have also increased.Vinyylilattia hinta per metri According to the solid wood building materials dealers reflect the more valuable timber, the greater the price increase, which rose the raw material of mahogany furniture is the largest, and some even more than 30%,