Solid structure, the framework shall not be loose

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    • Solid structure, the framework shall not be loose

      looking for defective furniture of the main force parts such as columns, connecting the column between the load bearing bar near the ground, should not have large knots or cracks. Solid structure, the framework shall not be loose, do not allow broken tenon, broken material. Furniture used on the components of wood-based panels should be applied to the edge of the treatment, a variety of accessories
      not less pieces, missing nails, through nails. When buying to carefully look at the details: 1. Solid wood several major defects: cracking, scarring, insect eyes, mildew 2. Crack: naturally can not buy. 3. insects: Although many furniture are known as drying degreasing treatment, but you think China is so big, furniture factory so much, the state management so weak, the credibility of at least to make a 5
      fold. In addition to those Western-style solid wood furniture, deliberately engraved on their own eyes, the other will not buy. 4. mildew: that is, green wood, there is the phenomenon of water can not buy. Although the sale of aunt will tell you that has been dried, no problem. But you think, moldy bread after re-processing, you will eat it? Molded wood, its performance and has been quite different from the
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      the solid wood, to determine the tree species, observe the wood, looking for defects, wood knot, test strength, check the interface, test the slide, touch the surface, the truth test, determine the origin, drawer details. 1, verify the solid wood to determine whether it is a solid wood furniture is a mystery: grain and scarring, the main watch the door and side panels. 1. Skills: scarring, grain and cross section.
      2. Scar: optimistic about the location of a scar on the side, and then in the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern. 3. Wood grain: the appearance looks like a pattern, then the corresponding changes in the location of the pattern, in the back of the door to see the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding is very good solid wood. 4. Section: section of the color than the panel
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