similar texture, symmetrical parts texture

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    • similar texture, symmetrical parts texture

      High-grade solid wood bathroom cabinet appearance material for a single tree species, and the same texture. Coating bright colors, wood clear, the surface of all polished, bright as a mirror. Mid-range solid wood bathroom cabinet appearance material requirements similar texture, symmetrical parts texture, color similar. Color coating color is more clear, clear grain, face coating to be polished, side view coating for the original light (that is, not polished). Ordinary
      solid wood bathroom cabinet appearance material texture, color approximation, color coating color is basically uniform, allowing a slight wood vague, the coating surface for the original light. 2. Look at the color of the solid wood bathroom cabinet for the overall observation, from the overall view of color, such as the combination of furniture first look at whether the surface color coordination, color is consistent, the film is full, clean and so on. 3. Look at the
      quality of solid wood bathroom cabinet parts of the material to be reasonable, structural parts can not have decay, knots, splitting and other defects, decorative materials are open plastic, bubbling, warping and other processing defects, decorative patterns should be symmetrical and beautiful. Size is the rules, parts are flat, vertical. Whether all metal parts are moisture-proof stainless steel or bath cabinet with aluminum products, so that the resistance to
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