items to be particularly careful, it is best pad

    • items to be particularly careful, it is best pad

      wood texture elegant and natural, sofa shape light, not cumbersome and deep. Elm sofa surface should avoid friction with hard objects, so as not to damage the surface of the paint and wood surface texture, such as placing porcelain bronze and other decorative items to be particularly careful, it is best pad a soft cloth. 2. Water-based paint, very environmentally friendly elm is very easy to color, elm sofa surface only painted varnish, texture clear outside, like no
      spray paint, feel very natural, and no smell. 100 lime sofa combination of paint used are water-soluble paint, water-soluble paint and wood to better integration, the color is not dazzling, feel good, is very environmentally friendly paint. Now there are two kinds of elm furniture, the traditional elm furniture, the general surface without paint, but hot wax. Now the new production of hardwood furniture surface with a large paint or varnish protection. 3, the structure of
      the sofa is the use of the wood itself to fight the plug, not only beautiful appearance, more important The stability is strong. Do not put elm sofas too moist or too dry place, such as heating and other high temperature near the fire, or too wet basement and other places, so as to avoid mildew and dry and so on. 2, elm sofa combination form 1. elm sofa one type of combination elm sofa along a wall placed in a word, placed in front of the coffee table, for the living
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