lot of consumers to participate in

    • lot of consumers to participate in

      and took out the speaker against the call, The activity is going on. On the same day on the 21st, Ruijia held in Sichuan Luzhou signings activities. In response to Ruijia flooring in the local building materials market publicity materials, the local other brands to block opposition,
      and threaten the building materials market, if not prohibit their behavior will be collectively refused to rent, and prohibit Ruijia vehicles through the building materials market public road. For the frequent encounter with foreign brands containment of things,
      Ruijia floor general manager Yuan Yide analysis, "on the one hand that people pay attention to us, worried that we sign the event will attract a lot of consumers to participate in, occupy their market share, another , Also shows that in 2007 the floor industry competition has entered the white-hot.
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